Karen Richards Psychic Medium, Perth, WA

Welcome to my website. I am Karen Richards, a Psychic Medium based in Perth, Western Australia and I also work internationally, including Canada, Vietnam, England and Thailand. I have spent many years developing my ability and still get excited by the evidence of life’s continual existence.

I am an approved mediumship student at The Arthur Findlay College – Stansted Hall, UK; thought by many to be the home of British Spiritualism, with an excellent worldwide reputation in mediumship demonstrating and teaching.

The loss of a loved one is keenly and deeply felt, and people seek to know they are still with us. From time to time individuals require guidance in their lives with some clarity and direction as to where they are, and where they are going. As a psychic medium, to bring this awareness into the lives of those still here on earth, is something I consider to be a great privilege.

I hope you find my site helpful and I look forward to hearing from you.

2019 Events by Karen

Karen Richards hosts Mychael Shane
Mychael Shane in Perth - 15-17 March, 2019

Fri 15th March Apport and Billet Readings Seance 7pm to 9pm in light
Sat 16th March Dark Room Q & A and Apports Seance (FULL)
Sun 17th March Telekinesis Workshop 10 - 5pm
Sun 17th March Apport and Billet Reading Seance 7pm to 9pm
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Rev. Mychael Shane is a transpersonal physical medium and has spent his life connecting with ascended Masters to bring their knowledge, principles and light to humanity via lectures, healings and physical mediumship. Some of the past phenomena experienced during this medium is transfiguration, apportations, billet readings, direct voice and materialisations of various body parts external to the medium.

Karen Richards, Psychic Medium, Perth, WA

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"Karen Richards has a rare gift like no other psychic I have seen. Not only can she bring through your loved ones, she can predict with uncanny accuracy! She is compassionate and offers you insights and practicality in your situation.

Karen Richards brought peace to me during the tough time of losing my dad. Karen brought Dad through with grace and dignity with 100 percent proof it was my Dad.

It was better than winning lotto, just to hear from him one more time. I definitely now believe there is Life After Death. Thank you Karen"
- Theresa S
Karen Richards, Psychic Medium, Perth, WA

I will be facilitating Psychic and Mediumship Development classes in 2018.
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Karen Richards, Psychic Medium, Perth, WA

Karen Richards will be demonstrating mediumistic skills on platform at the following locations in Western Australia.
Forrestfield - June 12th
Ocean Reef - July 27th
Woodvale - August 11th
Ocean Reef - October 26th
Ballajura - November 10th
Ocean Reef - December 14th

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